Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chat at Tapped In

Today, a group of us gathered in my virtual office at Tapped In for a chat. Hiromi (2006), Mike, Nikki, and AGU2008 participants Kei, Emily, Masatoshi, Masanori, Tomoko, Saaya, Sachi and Ayumi joined me for over an hour. It was really great to "see" them and to "hear" how they have been doing! Even though we are separated by so many thousands of miles, we are still connected by friendship and our shared experience with AGU in America.

Our next chat will be October 25, 2008, at GMT 15:00. That's 7 am Pacific time, 10 am Eastern time, and 11 pm in Tokyo. I hope even more people will join us next time!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was going to join chatting. But I couldn’t do because I didn’t know how to chat. So next time I will join this surely.

Nina Liakos said...

Hi Sahori! How can you tell me you didn't know how to chat??? It's the same chat we did two or three times in August when you were in Maryland. Did you have Java Runtime installed on your computer?

To join the chat, go to, register (as a new member or a guest), click on the Online tab and select someone in NinaTL_Ofc, and click on the little yellow door. Do you remember?

See you on Oct. 25!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nina!!
Saturday I tried to chat with looking at the print you gave us. And I clicked a guest tab. But it made an error.

OK!! I will try it next time. :-)
See you on October!!!

Sanae said...

HI Nina!
I also tried to chat but I couldn't! I clicked on the tellow door...I couldn't find "Actions" menu :(

I and Sahori will meet you next time!

Sanae said...
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Nina Liakos said...

Hi Sleepy! Sorry you had a problem joining the chat! The Actions menu is on the chat screen, on the right. It is only important for detaching the screen from the main Tapped In screen and for enlarging the type. You can chat without using the Actions menu, but the posts are just hard to see because they are so tiny.

Don't forget to select my name (or the name of another AGU member listed as being in NinaTL_Ofc) before you click on the yellow door!

See you Oct. 25--I hope!

If you would like to practice before that, send me some times when you would be available and I will try to be there (at Tapped In).

Sanae said...

Nina, thank you for advice to me! I will try to chat again myself. But if I can't, I send you e-mail.