Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blogging with the AGUers

I have now had three classes with this year's AGU in America participants. I find them very quick and cooperative. Every single one had followed my suggestion to create a gmail account before leaving Japan, which greatly facilitated blog creation on Saturday. In just three days, the students have created their blogs, published three posts, commented on others' posts, and uploaded their pictures to their blogs and Blogger profiles. Way to go, AGUers!

I observed that at first, almost all the students separated their sentences. I showed them how to write their post as a single paragraph. Now it is time to teach them that when they talk about different topics (e.g., meeting the American students, visiting the Kennedy Center, and dinner), they should have a new paragraph for each topic.

Today, I followed them over to Plant Science 1111 to make sure they knew the way. It's a good thing, too, because they all started up the hill to Stamp Union! (early lunch?) I stayed long enough to take a couple of pictures and missed Shania's visit by a couple of minutes. However, I saw her later at the Dairy, where the group had lunch with Heather and Marie Hallion prior to her lecture on the history of U.S. diplomacy. (I hope the students were able to understand at least half of this very interesting presentation!)

Tomorrow, I am going to teach them how to add links to their sidebar. That will make it easier for them to go from blog to blog, reading and commenting.

Ayumi caught a cold and missed class today. :-( I hope she feels better soon!

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Heather said...

I'm glad that you were there to direct them to class--I would have been very lonely. I was very impressed by the AGUers today!! I asked them to work in their language groups and to share (in English!!!) with the entire class about their conversations with the UM students that they met after class on Monday. Their conversations were very interesting, and I think that they enjoyed meeting and speaking with them in English and Japanese.