Thursday, August 7, 2008

Newseum & D.C.

Today we went to the Newseum in downtown Washington with the Aoyama group. The museum showcases the history and impact of the media on politics, religion, and American culture in general. The most interesting exhibit for everyone seemed to be the September 11th exhibit. A piece of mangled steel from Ground Zero was on display as well as the front pages of world newspapers printed immediately after the attack. The movie that accompanied the exhibit presented eyewitness reports of the attacks in New York which were quite moving.
Afterward, we split into groups and walked around Chinatown. D.C.'s Chinatown is too small! We looked in a few stores but everyone was tired so I took them back to the nice fountain sitting area outside of the Archives metro station where we rested up and talked for a while. It was nice talking to Tomoya who gave me suggestions about good grad schools in Japan for studying Business Administration. When everyone was in the mood for walking again we walked down to the White House and took some group photos. Tomoya's SLR camera is great--13 megapixels makes me jealous. For dinner we stopped at one of my favorite D.C. chains, Teaism, which serves a mix of Asian cuisine and quality tea. Many of us ordered the Ochazuke, which is tea poured over rice and a topping such as fish.
We met up with Joe again at the Metro station and played onigokko all the way back to the Quality Inn. Joe as the Oni was too fast to run from and I was particularly slow at catching Nobuya and Masatoshi. I need to get in shape! Billiards at Laundry World was the evening's choice of activity for some and we stayed until midnight playing. We played in teams to compensate for a lack of pool tables and Kei helped me play agaisnt Masanori and Sanae, but in the end Sanae won the game, knocking in the 8-ball with a well-placed shot. According to Masanori, it's about $5 per person for an hour of pool in Japan, so it must have been nice to play for $1 a game even if it was at Laundry World.

Hope you guys get some sleep tonight!

Also as you may have noticed, I made a mistake with my previous post. In Onigokko the Oni is the one who tags, not the one everyone chases. Sorry.

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Ai said...

Hi, Mike!

Everyone in photos looks really enjoying the tour^^


kei said...

I'm not good at playing billiards.I'm sorry,Mike. But I enjoyed playing billiards!

sae said...

The japanese food which I ate yesterday was very nice. And playing biliards was difficult, but I was really excited! Thank you, Mike!!

misa said...

I ate fried rice at Chinatown because I wanted to eat rice. But I long for Japanese rice>< there were a bit of differences between them…

Tomoya said...

If you want to know grad schools in Japan more, ask me!!!!

Nina Liakos said...

Reading your post makes me feel as though I were there. Lots of detail! I am not surprised that the students were tired (museums always exhaust me). The Navy Memorial, with its stone benches and beautiful fountain, was a great choice of a place to rest up.

I must admit that tea with rice and fish does not appeal to my American palate, but maybe it is good!

Playing billiards at Laundry World--now that's a memorable activity! What a concept--wash your clothes wile you have fun! I like it.