Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Volleyball fun!

Today, I met the AGU students at the Quality Inn at around 4:30. Ten of the students stayed in College Park with me for some outdoor fun and a pizza party! First we went to the brand new volleyball court at the University of Maryland. My friend Chris joined us and we played a lot of volleyball. First, we played girls versus boys and the boys won. Then we mixed the teams up and played three very exciting games, with Team Grass winning 2-1! Afterwards, the boys played soccer, some of the girls played badminton, and some played cards.

Then we ordered pizza and went back to my apartment to eat and relax. Everybody got to meet two of my roommates, Qing and Kristin. While we ate the pizza, we listened to some Japanese music on Risa's iPod. Then the students got a tour of my room which they seemed to enjoy. Before heading back to the QI, many of the AGUers played Mario Kart. I'm not sure who the champion was, but everybody had a lot of fun.

I hope that everybody enjoyed their day.

Your friend,


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misa said...

Sounds very fun!! I like to play any sports very much. So I’m looking forward to play sports with you!

kei said...

Yesterday was very fun day!!Volleyvall was very exiting and I piza party was very fun too! Today, I have a little muscular pain.

masahiro said...

Hi, I had a really good time!!!

Thank you for your inviting your tour!!

Any way team Grass is No.1!!!


kei said...

Yesterday was very fun day!! Volleyball was very exiting and pizza party was vary fun!! Today, I have a little muscular pain because I played sports after a long time.

sae said...

Hi,Nikki! Volleyball games and pizza party were vary good. I really enjoyed it! I want to play basket ball with you nezt time!

Heather said...

Were they called Team Grass because they were always falling down to the grass?

So, Nikki, I think you have been thinking of nicknames for everyone, right? AGUers, don't forget to pick nicknames for the mentors too!!!

Sanae said...

Hi, Nikki.
Thanks to leave comments for my blog. We enjoyed playing volleyball very much. I want to play again!
Sleepy Sanae