Monday, August 4, 2008

Old Town Alexandria & Georgetown

Yesterday, we had a BEAUTIFUL day in Old Town Alexandria and Georgetown. The entire group walked to Christ Church to see where George Washington worshiped, and the group even got to sit in his pew which was larger than all the other pews in the church (tall man!!). Additionally, my group saw Washington's townhouse that he used when he visited Alexandria and Gadsby's Tavern where Washington ate and partied!!! We then visited a candy store where we tried many different flavors of taffy and the students bought POUNDS of candy!!! Afterward, we had to eat seafood--the favorite was the Maryland crabcake, a popular delicacy of this area. The fun did not end when we all boarded a boat to Georgetown where the group stayed to enjoy themselves.


Tomoya said...

Yesterday was greate day. We had beautiful time. The candy store was very good. I had not seen the biggest candy. Every foods are big!!!!

Ai said...

Hello, Heather!

It looks really fun^^! I also love these towns because the landscape is really cute, there are many shops, and we can eat delicious dishes:D


Nina Liakos said...

I am sorry I missed it! :-(

RYOHEI said...

The crabcake was very good! I'd like to eat it again.