Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pentagon City

Today while I was sitting in the hotel, Nozomu came running in, sweating like crazy. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Onigokko!" he said. Onigokko is the Japanese equivalent of "tag" where someone is a "Oni" or demon and everyone chases him. Masanori is the oldest so he got the honor of "Oni".

In the afternoon we went to the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City with some of the Aoyama gang to do some shopping. This time Joe's friend Junior and Junior's friend Koran (whose name I hope I spelled correctly) as well as Shania came along too. Joe and I split up into groups and went shopping. After spending a while in Victoria's Secret, Ryohei emerged from the store with some presents for his girlfriend and the girls with some knickknacks for themselves. Masatoshi and Yuya, who were too timid to enter, bought some chocolate at the Lindt chocolate store. After trying some sample chocolate, my stomach started growling, asking me to fulfill its primal need. Misa, Kyoko, Sachi and I got some suprisingly filling mediterannean food from Au Bon Pain for only a few dollars, allowing us to avoid tipping and expensive entrees. After dinner, Masatoshi, Ryohei, Yuya and I headed up to American Eagle to get some clothes. I was suprised to learn that in Japan pant sizes are only labeled with width and not length. I imagined how great it would be if I didn't have to worry about jean lengths when buying clothing for my 6'5" figure.

Afterwards we headed back to College Park. Joe spent some time with Ayumi who wasn't feeling so well. We miss you Ayumi! Get better soon!

I apologize for not posting more pictures, hopefully everyone else took enough to make up for my complacency.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I enjoyed the shopping. I bought a T-shirt!! And Junior and Koran are very friendly. I am glad to meet them!!!

Emily said...

Hi, Mike! Thank you for taking us for shopping. Your suit was very nice!

masahiro said...

Hi, you didn't join "onigokko"?

Next time let's play!!

And I wanted to see Joe's friend.

misa said...

I was so fun because I could talk a lot with you when we ate lunch^^b

Nozomu said...

Hi Mike! Yesterday was like sports festivals! "Onigokko" was really exciting. And I played volleyball and soccer with Nikki and her friend Chris. It was so cool! So let's play sports next time!

Nina Liakos said...

Onigokko! These guys know how to enjoy themselves.

I would love to have seen the guys shopping in Victoria's Secret!

I am so pleased that the group are getting to meet more and more Americans as former mentors and friends of friends join the group!