Sunday, August 3, 2008

Campus Tour and Union Station

Today started out with lunch with everyone and then a tour around campus. Unfortunately the only open shops at Stamp Student Union were McDonald's and Chick Fillet so the students didn't get to taste the delights of Sbarro's pizza. We then split up into groups and showed the students our campus. My group braved the heat and followed me to the Campus Recreation Center, Byrd Stadium and Hornbake Plaza, The Mall, McKeldin Library, and Van Munching Hall. Despite all the walking, everyone seemed to like the pool at CRC and Van Munching Hall's spaciousness. I think after two weeks at UMD everyone will have the leg muscles of olympians. After resting up at bit at the Quality Inn we headed out to Union Station on the Metro. At Union we walked around some shops, many of which would have been more suited for the ladies (and my group was all guys). For some reason salad seemed to be the choice of dinner for most of us, except the clever Tomoya, who managed to find some sushi in the food court. I think they overdid it on the wasabi since he grimaced more than once. Afterwards we headed out in the direction of the Capitol building which was visible from the station. We walked up as close as we could to it and everyone took a picture of it. We walked around the capital for a while and then headed back. On the train ride back Nikki and I were suddenly horrified to think that we'd left Masatoshi and Tomoya back at Fort Totten, but apparently those two blended in so well with the Americans on board it was about half a minute before we saw them. Everyone made it back safely and with enough time to catch some sleep for more fun tomorrow.


Nikki said...

I think a lot of the students were surprised when they were greeted with Free Hugs when they got to Union Station yesterday. About two years ago a "Free Hug Campaign" began to get popular on YouTube. The website is:

Watch this video to see how the Free Hugs started. Then, give somebody a hug!

Nina Liakos said...

Everyone: If you click on a photo, you will enlarge it.
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Wow, Mike, your group certainly did get to see a lot of the campus yesterday! All this walking will enable them to eat pizza and ice cream without gaining any weight.

Tomoya said...

I ate American sushi, it was not Japanese sushi but it tasted so so.