Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Day in Washington

Yesterday, we went back to Washington to give everyone a final look at the Nation's Capital. The Aoyama students got a VIP tour around the Capitol building from Congressman Cummings' assistants. We walked from the congressman's office building to the Capitol through some underground tunnels. We started in the lower levels of the Capitol and saw the old Supreme Court where 12 men ruled in the 19th century that slaves could be regulated as property. I thought the room was very dark and a little creepy, almost like a cave.
Afterwards we walked up to the rotunda and saw the inside of the Capitol's dome. George Washington was painted on a fresco depicting him as a Greek god. Around the dome's circumference is a frieze that depicts the history of America from Columbus' landing to the birth of aviation. Finally, to leave the capitol we took the "world's shortest subway" and it was indeed very short.
We walked from the Capitol building to the White House via the the National Mall, stopping in at the Botanical Gardens on the way. The walk was very long and on the way I talked with Saaya and Sachi about Habitat for Humanity in Japan. Habitat is an organization that builds housing for low income families around the world. I was surprised to hear that Sachi is going to help build houses in Thailand later this summer.
In front of the White House we got some "Kodak moments" with the Aoyama students. Joe asked a police officer (who I thought looked like Wesley Snipes) if he could take a picture with us. "No, sir," he said stoically. Nice try, Joe.
Back at College Park we ate at an Israeli pita place. We were all impressed by Joe's fluency in Hebrew. The food was very good and it seemed like everyone enjoyed what they ordered. Towards the end of the meal we were joined by Sachi and Nadav, Japanese majors and friends of Joe. They were very nice and we hope to see them again tonight.

I apologize for the late post. See you guys in a few hours.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like an AWESOME tour! Your tour guide must have been great!

Nikki said...

Did somebody tell our tourguide about this blog? And then did he read the blog and leave that anonymous comment?

Mike said...

Harrison is that you?